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Service: Customs Clearance

As trade barriers and customs compliance requirements become increasingly stringent, managing supply chains grows more intricate. Our team of over 1,000 dedicated professionals offers tailored solutions designed to streamline your flow of goods.

Wherever you require customs expertise, we possess the personnel, licenses, and permits necessary to ensure timely clearance of your shipments. With a global network of specialists, we stand ready to fulfill commitments across regions where you conduct business, irrespective of volume, scope, or scale.

Choose from our array of value-added services to maintain your competitive edge in speed-to-market:

  1. Operational Customs Clearance: Whether importing or exporting goods, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your supply chain needs. Select from options to prepare and process declarations, calculate duties and taxes, and coordinate inspections. Trust Bloksupplychain to manage specialized services for bonded warehousing, inward/outward processing relief (IPR/OPR), and Free Trade Zone clearances.

  2. Trade Management: Mitigate risks and control costs in cross-border transactions with assistance from our experts. Gain insights into Free Trade Agreements, international tariff data, and duty drawback regimes. Unlock hidden duty savings potential through our customs health checks and scorecards.

  3. Customs Compliance: Our team adopts a meticulous approach to meet stringent regulatory demands. We assess your supply chain, conduct post-importation audits, and develop proactive processes to avoid penalties and fines.

  4. Digitalization: Seamlessly transition to digital customs procedures with our support. The Single Windows Customs Portal serves as an automated central entry point for all regional customs clearances. Access dashboard and reporting solutions for comprehensive data visibility, empowering strategic trade-flow decisions.

Experience the benefits of a streamlined customs program:

  • Lower costs and reduce working capital tied up in supply chains by optimizing the use of duty suspension, drawback regimes, and Free Trade Agreements.

  • Stay proactive in response to changes in customs regulations, procedures, and licenses affecting your business.

  • Obtain support in strategically outsourcing customs operations and managing third-party agent clearances.

  • Receive assistance in applying for beneficial customs regimes, procedures, licenses, and other resources to enhance efficiency and compliance.

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